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Romsey, England
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Random Trip To The UK - April 2006

"Yeah, we're cool.  Percy wants us...ALL of us!"  (I really hope Percy's a female Owl!)

The Flying Frog - Now the REAL credit whoring begins!

Is it just me or does the Flying Frog kind of look like the "Slightly bored" frog?

"Think we can get all four of us in that seat?"

"Are you kidding?  We could hardly fit the two of us!"

OMG!  POV of the slightly bored frog coaster.

Check out that awesome airtime hill!

Yes, it's true, the slightly bored frog = slightly bored Non-German Tom & Robin.

"Hey, is that Nicolas Cage riding the slightly bored frog???"

Yes, you're seeing that correctly.  The "Mexican themed" drop tower.  And apparently "It's a Hoot!  Hoot!"

This is the "British" version of Mexican Food.  It's kind of like Doritos and ketchup!

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