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Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort
Route 487, Elysburg, PA 17824 USA
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TPR's Road to Cedar Point Tour 2011

Oh, no! Zombie coal miners!

The ride does feature quite a few animatronic characters.

With the work lights off, and the show lighting on, this will look very different!

Awesome fire tunnel!

No, Cliff! Don't go in there!

This should be a REALLY cool effect when it's all done and open!

Here is a "nerd shot" of the track. It's all the original track from the ride at Wildwood, but the mechanics that push the train along the dark ride parts are all new.

More of the ride theming and effects. It all looks very impressive!

Another Knoebels factoid...they also own a lumber yard....which is why you see so many rides built using wood!

This scene looks really cool!

Heading up the tight corridors to the other sections of Black Diamond.

From what I remember of the ride at Wildwood, you do take some of the turns at a decent speed.

Here we are...checking out Black Diamond!

Every part of the ride looked very elaborate! Looking forward to riding this one next year!

Oh no! I hope a train doesn't come by!

Poor guy....

Sometimes you just gotta drag the horse.

This shot gives you a pretty good perspective of the track.

Now I'm really getting geeky! =)

Rick explains how the cars will move along the track, and these motors with the wheels will push it through the dark ride sections.

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