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Washuzan Highland
303-1 Fukiage Shimotsui Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan
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TPR's 2014 Weird Parks of Japan Trip

And yes, they are like version nine hundred and forty of Taiko no Tatsujin. Still the greatest video game ever to come out of Japan!

In Japan, Tomorrowland is all about women's dresses and flowers. Screw Space Mountain and that Buzz Lightyear crap!

GAAAAHHHH!!!! It's like I walked into my own personal hell! Nothing but vertical video screens as far as I can see! C'mon Japan! I expected better of you!!!!

This sounded disgusting, but it was wonderful! WHY CAN'T WE HAVE NICE THINGS!?!?!?

Oh, we should probably go to a park, huh? Oh, let's hop on our first bullet train!

Nineteen seconds after getting on the bullet train we were at our first park! Look, there it is up on top of that hill!

So Washuzan Highland is a "Brazilian themed Japanese amusement park." No, honestly officer, I haven't had anything to drink and I'm not making up this story.

See look! The front of the park has Brazilian stuff and everything!

Our first coaster of the trip was an Ultra Twister! And the last one we needed to complete the "Japan Ultra Twister collection!" Yay!!!

Ultra Twisters are kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. In theory, they should be awful, but they are amazing!

Sadly, KidTums was not quite as tall as this Brazilian man, so she was unable to ride. :(

The rest of us, however WERE as tall as the Brazilian man and as you can see that made us all very happy!

Ultra Twisters go up vertically. Mostly for torture. Togo doesn't really know how to design anything else.

This is what it looks like going up the vertical lift. It's the most painful part of the ride and once it's over you don't feel any pain at all. It's a bit like getting that shot in the mouth from the dentist.

So close to the top now!

From up here, the Ultra Twister really doesn't look like much.

But from here! OMG IT'S AWESOME!!!! For those of you who don't know what an Ultra Twister is, watch this video, and even if you do, watch it anyway (we like getting lots of views on YouTube!)

This is what the butt of an Ultra Twister car looks like, just in case you were interested.

And here's a dorky side view photo.

For some reason a lot of Ultra Twisters include pink in their colour scheme. It's a manly colour. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

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