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Washuzan Highland
303-1 Fukiage Shimotsui Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan
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TPR's 2014 Weird Parks of Japan Trip

This trip reports starts our 'Weird Parks of Japan Trip.' And what exactly is that? Well, we have been going to Japan for years and there are so may different, little 'weird parks' all over the place that we never just had the chance to hit yet.

This isn't so much a 'credit whore' trip as it was a 'weird parks' trip. We aren't the type of people to go out of the way for a Wacky Worm or powered coaster, so the prerequisite was that there at least had to be multiples of coasters or some thing somewhat unique, interesting, or 'big.'

And this is our adventure....

Yup, so we are heading to Tokyo... don't worry, we're not actually taking Vietnam Airlines! lol

Here is our trusty 747 that will hopefully make it to Japan...

The plane features a safety video with one of the members of Devo...but not the dead one.

Hooray! Best plain looking sign ever!

We had to drive right by Tokyo Disney to get to our hotel! Damn! Don't worry...we will be back here!

For the first time in forever we were able to see Mt Fuji from Tokyo!!! (Thankfully we couldn't see Fuji-Q!)

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

We decided to do some shopping in Tokyo. Look, I found a medal. Now I can be just pretentious and smug just like all those other Disney runners, too! (Or I could qualify for the random roster race in Sugar Rush, either one...)

"Do not hit the boob with a bat" - Best "how to get laid" advice I've ever heard!

Even the public transportation in Japan is adorable and cute!

We went to the Disney store because the Japanese are obsessed with Disney...so I guess we have something in common!

For whatever reason, they LOVE 3 Peas in a Pod in Japan and tons of totally random merchandise with them!

Frozen is actually called "Anna and the Snow Queen" (Anayuki) in Japan. Why? Because they are smarter than us. That's why.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has made his way to Japan.

And there's all kinds of awesome iPhone cases as well! (Not as many Android cases, because, once again, the Japanese are smart.)

These little tiny beanie characters were the new hotness. We think they were from some video game app or something.

Of course we had to get the Chip N Dale.

Let me just explain something here. This was like the most complex phone case/charm thing ever! See where Minnie's hand is holding the ring? Well, you put one of the phone straps on the ring and then you put one of the charms on the strap. It was a 3-step process and the Japanese LOVE stuff like this. Crazy.

Apple Store in Japan. It pretty much is the same thing as heaven...if I believed in heaven.

We have friends that like this store. So here's a photo.

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