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Washuzan Highland
303-1 Fukiage Shimotsui Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan
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TPR's 2014 Weird Parks of Japan Trip

I got something like 600 Street Passes on my Nintendo 3DS while in Japan.

This is one of the most awesome bizarre stores ever! We love it!

I'm not even sure what this is, but we think it's like a game like "Perfection" and after a certain amount of time all the pieces explode or something. Or it could just be oddly shaped pasta. We have no idea, but it costs about $50! lol

Here are some googley eyes so you can make your fruits and vegetables adorable. Because... JAPAN!!!

Here's a shelf full of random bizarre plush animals like bugs and squids and things.

There was this giant Dragonball Z display randomly set up in front of one of the shops. Because...you know... JAPAN!!!!

Yes, we know Mickey & Duffy...we will be there soon!

We decided to go down to Harajuku and check things out.

Harajuku girls...yup!

It's important to note that every girl in Japan must carry something "Duffy" on them at all times. This is how they identify themselves as a Japanese girl. If they don't have anything Duffy on them, they are sent back to China.

This is quite possibly the most terrifying thing I saw in Harajuku, or maybe ever.

I don't know what Sexy Zone Channel is, but I think once I find out I'm going to be glued to the TV for the next week and a half.

You know women in Japan just dress in full Kimono all the time!

The most unsuspecting discovery of Japan was that we found totally legit pizza here!

This Pizza box is by FAR my favorite souvenir of Japan. Read the text! It's amazing! "Let's Try Eat!" lol

"And yes, the pizza actually kicks ass, too!"

This is not a bowl of runny poop, this is Chicken Katsu Curry and it's AMAZING!!!!

"I don't feel anxiety anything!"

Woah! HOLD THE MOTHRA!!! What's this I see?!??!

The Taiko drum guy is the latest character in the Mario Kart arcade game!?!?! Whaaaaa? Why can't we have nice things???

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