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La Feria de Abril (April's Fair)

2009 Theme Park Review Update

So here we are at Barcelona's "April's Fair." Pretty? Yes...

Let's get food out of the way first. There was meat... a *LOT* of meat.

Pretty much everywhere you looked there was some kind of charred animal flesh stacked up ready for consumption!

I love these guys. Thank you for giving your life so I may *EAT YOU*!!!! Yum, yum, yum...

There were lots of bars everywhere. If you wanted to eat meat or get drunk you only had to walk about 6 inches in any direction and you would be satisfied.

These guys had stuffed churros. The PERFECT ending to a night of meat and beer!

Here you can see the row of tents. We assumed that all kinds of crazy stuff was going on there...

LOL! "Macarena!"

OMG! We were joking...but they REALLY WERE DOING THE MACARENA!!!!

Hello polka dotted hotties! Will one of you ride the Spanish Death Shuttle with me?

These are probably human legs...but does it really matter?

Yes! Now this is what we were here for. What I love about this sign is once you get here, no matter what direction you choose, you are bound to find some deadly Spanish ride that will scare the bejeezus out of you.

Ooooh...we see you Spanish Death Shuttle! We will get back to you later!

The fair had "Bouncy Bouncy" rides of all shapes and sizes. And yes, these were REAL "bouncy bouncy" rides not some weak imitation!

NOTE! For those of you who don't remember the 'Bouncy Bouncy Ride' from our Spain trip in 2007, check out this video:
Video of TPR's first ever Bouncy Bouncy ride!

"There's a credit down here!!!"

There is just so much alcohol at this fair they are using it as targets!

Bah! The Star Flyer is like the LEAST scary ride at this fair!

Ok, so here we are at f**ked up ride #1. It looks like a nice gentle kiddie train ride, right? Sure....

See, nice train?

Except these random goons with masks HIT YOU while you are on the ride, and you are encouraged to HIT THEM BACK!!! *WTF*

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