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Hard Rock Park
211 George Bishop Parkway, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29579 USA
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TPR Visits Hard Rock Park - June 2008

Elissa, Joey and I (Robb) took a trip to the south the check out the new Hard Rock Park. So far, what they have there is nice, some very well themed areas with some good direction. But I also feel like the park still needs to grow quite a bit. For those of you who remember the old MGM Grand Adventures in Las Vegas, this park reminded me a LOT of that. A really nice park with a quite a few 'good' rides, but nothing that really stands out. And while Led Zeppelin is absolutely their 'star attraction' and was fun, in the overall coaster rankings, I don't think it will make anyone's top ten. Anyway, we'll get into the park a bit more in this update...

Check out our Hard Rock Park Video! Includes POV of the Led Zeppelin and Eagles Roller Coasters!

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The parks entrance area was nice and hinted of "Islands of Adventure."


There were all kinds of "Hark Rock-ized" versions of stuff. It was actually quite cool.


There is even a tatoo shop right in the main plaza area. I tried to talk Joey into getting a Yamaka tatooed on his head, but he refused.

"I'll hang out with these random Hard Rockin bears, though!"

The park was split up into "Music Genre" sections which actually worked just fine. I would have liked to see an area dedicated to more recent music, but there's always room for expansion!

Ok, let's go check out some rides...first up Led Zeppelin!

Is this where we should go?

This gives you a pretty good view of the layout for the first half of the ride.

In case you were s**ting bricks just thinking about riding, this is the door you want to check out!

And if you are brave enough to ride, this old dude give you the finger.....of which direction to go in!

Led Zeppelin was "ok" in the sense that it does exactly what it needs to do...

It's the signature "big coaster" in the park and the general public seemed to really eat it up. That's a good thing!

But as a "coaster enthusaist" I really thought the ride was just "ok."

It's looks GREAT from across the park....

The 'little' B&M loop was just adorable. I wanted to pet it like a hamster.

And from some angles it looked like it had two vertical loops back to back! (Why has B&M never done that?)

But the ride was very 'forceless' and actually seemed to have a bad case of that "B&M Rattle!"

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