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Hard Rock Park
211 George Bishop Parkway, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29579 USA
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TPR Visits Hard Rock Park - June 2008

"...and some acid will follow you home!!!!"

Why didn't they sell you this stuff BEFORE you got on the ride? =)

So let's talk about the parks development for a moment, but it's a VERY interesting story. So the park sits on what used to be an outlet mall lot that had an ajacent entertainment complex with some theaters. In fact, many of the mall buildings still exist and they have been converted into the parks admin office, the acid trip dark ride, the arcade, a couple of shops, etc. Personally I found this to be quite a VERY interesting use of pre-existing buildings. If you didn't know the parks history, I don't think you'd even realize it.

Now we are in the mall. There's the arcade and a wall where you can "leave your mark."

And no, we didn't piss on it like a dog, we simply just scratched in our name.

Although KidTums peed on the wall! =)

"Hey Cameron! How's it going?"

You're still not cool!

"Balls Up!"

Eagles - Life in the Fast Lane was another "full sized" coaster at the park.

Here was the strange thing about this ride...it was 52 inches to ride on your own! Huh? This ride is very similar to other Vekoma Mine Trains where I've seen height restrictions around 42" to ride alone. They really seem like they are missing the potential of this being a true "Family Coaster" with a 52"/48" height restriction.

And other than the station and entrance area, there's not too much to this ride.
Most other installations have had some very impressive looking theming:

Lift hill enthusaists will go GA GA over this one!

Some more coaster porn for you.

Helix of death with the nearby parking lot.

And while the music IS a nice touch it couldn't really save this coaster.

As far as mine trains go, it was just "ok"

Although it did have fire...

And fire automatically makes it cool!

It also had rodents...so it gets the Elissa stamp of approval.

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