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Hard Rock Park
211 George Bishop Parkway, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29579 USA
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TPR Visits Hard Rock Park - June 2008

And this is what I think dissapointed me a bit...the music. (BTW, yes that is Elissa "crotch eye view") Granted the music DID help and you could hear it for the most part throughout the ride, but it was just "there." Like someone played a song through an iPod while you rode. These days we've been very used to an audio track that syncs up with a ride. Heck, even Six Flags did it with X2 and it worked GREAT!

The area around the ride looked great, though!

If you know what those four symbols mean...you're probably old! =)

Let's head over to Jolly old England!

Dude, Joey, just give it up. She's never gonna laugh at your fart jokes!

"Phone"hedge was nearly done. This was pretty damn funny, IMO!

There were little "photo ops" like this all over the park. It was a really nice touch!

"How not to look cool."

Best themed Break Dance ever!!!

"Jolly, Jolly, Jolly...how's it going Lou?"

The star attraction in this area is the Moody Blues Dark Ride. (It's built in a shopping mall, but we'll get to that later.)

I'm not actually sure what to make of this dark ride, but it is VERY messed up!


OMG! Psychedelic BOOBS!!!!

Yes, this is themed after an "acid trip."

"Hi, I'm on Acid, would you like to meet my other moon?"

You always dream of *GIANT EYEBALLS THAT ARE COMING TO KILL YOU* while on acid.

Acid trips always have this jelly-like fluffy stuff.

"Now please put on your 3D glasses as Kodak and the Walt Disney Company proudly present....DRUGS."

"My god...it's full of stars!"

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