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IAAPA Trade Show

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IAAPA 2010 Convention Photos - Orlando

Technical Park, the guys who made that insane flat ride at Tivoli Gardens had a few new ideas to present.

Their spinning coaster train seats are made from carbon fiber!

They had a four across train also with carbon fiber seats.

Another day on the IAAPA show floor!

OMG! How did we not see this before??? It's beautiful! I believe they are praising Prince Desmond.

Kuka are the guys behind those crazy Robocoaster arms and they say "un-officially" the Harry Potter ride. Did you know there was a Robocoaster at Epcot?

Yup, these guys are still around too!

Another look at Premier's coaster train.


US Thrill Rides introduced and interesting concept that's a cross between a Skycoaster and a Gondola transportation ride.

Designed by Bill Kitchen, the inventor of the original Skycoaster.

"Riders can hang from the cable and can be propelled up to 30MPH."

Euro Bungy never gets old!

Carousel enthusiasts may appreciate this.

Let's call this part the "Booths of IAAPA 2010" - an overall look at some of the displays. Here is Vekoma.

Premier Rides Booth.

Lo-q, makers of Q-Bot booth.

The Gravity Group booth.

Our friends at Amusement Today (check out the current issue for TPR's ad!)

Whitewater West's booth.

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