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IAAPA 2010 Convention Photos - Orlando

And the fate of this ride? No one actually knows for sure!

Some information about the Trans Studio coaster.

And when you need your chain fixed, Premier are the guys you want to call!

Let's take a look at new hotness in virtual queuing!

Lo-Q, makers of Q-Bot and Qtxt have an awesome new product...

Qcredits is a new "credit system" and virtual queue device designed for water parks! Not only will this bad boy help you skip queues, but it doubles as a cashless system to purchase items in the park!

And it makes even the creepiest of website owners look DEAD SEXY!!!

Jay aka Hercules shows off National Ticket Co.

The price is WRONG...bitch!

ARM didn't have too much on display...

...while Rides 4 U had a crazy awesome display that gave you epilepsy just walking by!

If you need a Scrambler, see these people!

Fabbri didn't have many rides on display, but they were showing off some transportation systems.

Chance Morgan had a car from the crazy awesome Brain Surge.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by the tame look of this kiddie drop tower! It raped me of my virginity all over again! Wait until you see the video!

Spiderman doesn't like Churros, but he loves Chicken & Rice!


And another view of the LAUNCHED WOODEN SHUTTLE!

And let's not forget the insane HIGH FIVE element!

Kara aka Timberskara not only Gives Kids The World, but she gives the world a car!

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