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IAAPA 2010 Convention Photos - Orlando

These guys partner with Kuka for the RoboCoaster.

This looks interesting.

Not even exactly sure what this is...but it looks cool.

Sartori had kind of an empty booth.

Mondial had lots of pictures.

I'm a little nervous about the Chinese Knock-Off Bumble Bee!

Wiegand are the guys who do all those Alpine Slides and Coasters.

This probably looks very familiar...

...but this is brand new! We are told it's kind of like a suspended Bobkart and one is opening in Germany for 2011.

Proslide always seems to be on the cutting edge of water park rides.

Rick Hunter, President of Proslide showing off models of some of their latest designs.

This model is a Hydromagnetic Mammoth, which is the next version of the LIM powered waterslide and features a 6-person "Clover Wheel" tube.

The Super Loop is Proslide's answer to the Aqua Loop and also features a trap door free fall beginning.

This is the Tantrum Alley and something new called the Bowling Alley where several bowl elements are included within the slide.

The Mammoth Bubba is another design featuring the new Clover Wheel 6-person tubes.

And there is a Bowling Alley slide scheduled to open in December 2010!

Proslide's products get us seriously excited about water parks!

Oh no! This evil device is back!!!

I'm not sure what this is, but it looks cool!

Thank you for making Wild Train awesome!

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