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IAAPA Trade Show

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IAAPA 2011 Trade Show Update - Orlando, FL

And now a look at IAAPA through the eyes of Hanno! This is where we are...

...and this is the trade show we are going to!

The show is OPEN! People flood in...

The "OM NOM NOM" inflatable!

Here's an overview of the B&M booth with their latest product displayed our front!

More photos of some of their more popular roller coasters.

This tower of B&M has been a familiar sight at IAAPA going back to 2001!

For a company that does so much business, their booth is always oddly quiet.

On the other hand, ProSlide always has one of the most active booths at IAAPA! It's totally a reflection of the product they make!

And we are absolutely looking forward to this!

I hadn't remembered seeing these guys at IAAPA before...

But they had a cool model of the new Mirabilandia coaster...

And a ride vehicle being presented.

Here's a closer look at GCI's "Big Fun" model.

Another angle of BIG fun!

Those riders look like they are having BIG fun!

Robb doing what he does best....

The GCI model for the new Europa coaster was just amazing!

Some of the little details that GCI's Chris Gray added to the model.

If you watch TPR's 2nd IAAPA Video, Chris explains some of the inspiration behind these little figures.

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