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IAAPA Trade Show

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IAAPA 2011 Trade Show Update - Orlando, FL

This one hurts a little to see, not because Hard Rock Park was a good park, but because this was seriously the most "WTF" dark ride ever made, only *slightly* beating out North Pole Adventure. It was honestly amazing.

The old man was back.

He was showing off a possible design for a dark ride.

This is a layout for a "Power Blast" dark ride. These models are really cool!

When you purchase a Sally Corp dark ride, it comes complete with a ride operator! Bargain!!! =)

A set from one of their Legoland dark rides.

A version of Legoland's Lost Kingdom Adventure just recently opened at Legoland Florida.

And our favourite part about Sally? They have TPR videos on display at their booth! =)

The guys at WhiteWater are always impressing me with their designs. While I hear the AquaDuck is more of a "lazy river" than a thrilling slide, I'm actually really anxious to ride it next year as being on a ride like that on the top deck of a cruise ship must be cool!

And yes, WhiteWater has a partnership deal with Wave Loch, and hopefully together they can sell more Flowriders!

Prime Play makes ropes courses and other kinds of "discovery center" type of attractions. They had a cool looking model!

Gerstlauer also had a couple of models on display.

This is a model of the flat ride from Belantis, and "rumor" has it that Mall of America is getting a ride that is similar to this, but a different model. We'll see if that actually happens!

And we'll wrap up Hanno's photos by taking one more look at S&S.

I'd say that the Green Lantern and Manta cars need to go head to head in a battle for the most sexiest looking equipment on the show floor!


Another look at the 4-across seating setup.

And a closer look at the restraints.

Another NERD SHOT!!!

And finally, Hanno takes a picture of Hanno's photo on display, all lit up, in the S&S booth! =) It's great to see so much TPR produced material represented all over show!

Now it's Jake's turn for his version of IAAPA....

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