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IAAPA Trade Show

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IAAPA 2011 Trade Show Update - Orlando, FL

More riders having fun on GCI's coasters!

A full ropes course set up at IAAPA. New for this year, no more "clang, clang, clang" as you travel around the course!

This Japanese-based company had a kids area that was totally insane!

Our friends from Grona Lund wanted a group photo! We love these guys! =)

I had no idea Marty McFly was here!

People wanted "haunt stuff" ... here ya go! There wasn't much to be seen this year at IAAPA.

This was a "haunted shooting gallery"

A little mini-Kuka arm!

If there is one thing there doesn't seem to be a shortage of at IAAPA, are companies that do attraction themeing.

One day, all shopping mall Santas will be replaced by these animatronic versions.

There's also a crazy amount of redemption games and arcade suppliers.

And plush! TONS AND TONS of plush!!!!

Oh, this doesn't look like a knock-off of anything I've seen before! =)

Lift your profits....with Angry Birds!

There were so many different Pac-Man games being shown it was hard to keep track! What ever happened to just eating the dots and avoiding ghosts???

The Lion King.

Bobs Space Racers had a water game where the Smurfs went up like 15 feet!

4-Player Air Hockey, anyone?

Stoned Chilly Willy!

I think they are trying to prove these are water proof!

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