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Six Flags Great America
1 Six Flags Pkwy, Gurnee, Illinois, 60031 USA
(847) 249-3118
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American Eagle
Batman: The Ride
Dark Knight
Deja Vu
Iron Wolf
Little Dipper
Ragin' Cajun
Raging Bull
Spacely's Sprocket Rockets
Superman Ultimate Flight
Vertical Velocity

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Buccaneer Battle
East River Crawler
Fiddler's Fling
Giant Drop
Great America Scenic Railway
Hometown Fun Machine
Jester's Wild Ride
Jusitce League: Battle for Metropolis
King Chaos
Loggers Run
The Orbit
River Rocker
Roaring Rapids
Rue le Dodge
Splashwater Falls
Sky Trail
Sky Trek Tower
Triple Play
Yankee Clipper
Mardi Gras Hangover (new for 2018, need photos)

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SFGAm's thirteen coasters offer a lot of variety. Although most of them are not considered best of breed, there are a couple of standouts in Goliath (an RMC Woodie), Raging Bull (an early B&M hyper) and the first Batman: The Ride installation. Vertical Velocity is a forceful launched shuttle coaster that still uses its holding brake on the spike. X-Flight became of the first winged coasters in the USA when it opened. The park's oldest coasters, Demon and Whizzer, still have a cult following.

The park has a collection of older flat rides that are well run (Condor, Fiddler's Fling, East River Crawler, Chubasco) reminiscent of the independent parks. The park's water rides Yankee Clipper (flume), Roaring Rapids, and Buccaneer Battle, along with a waterpark, keep guests cool on hot summer days.

A Flash Pass is recommended if you have only one day to visit in July or August
The park has a limited number of franchise options in Johnny Rocket's, Ben & Jerry's, Stone Cold Creamery and Panda Express. However, the park offers the typical wide range of food options: burgers, hot dogs, chicken strips, salads, sandwiches, pizza, and Mexican. The best areas of the park to stop and eat if your group has varied tastes are the County Fair area (pizza, hot dogs, Johnny Rocket's, and Panda Express) or the Yukon Territory (turkey legs amd Mooseburger Lodge).
Operating Season
The park is generally open from early May to Labor Day with limited weekend operations the first and last weeks of the season.
Established Seasonal events
Fright Fest occurs on Friday to Sunday in October leading up to Halloween.
Access & Location
The park is directly off Interstate 94.

Take I-94 or I-294 West. Exit on Grand Avenue (Rt. 132) east in Gurnee, Illinois. Six Flags is located immediately on the right. Approximate driving time: 45 minutes.

Take I-94 East. Exit on Grand Avenue (Rt. 132) east in Gurnee, Illinois. Six Flags is located immediately on the right. Approximate driving time: 45 minutes.

The park can be accessed via bus from Rosemont or Schaumburg

The park can be accessed via train from Chicago on METRA's Union Pacific North Line
Nearby Lodging
Key Lime Resort and Waterpark is the official resort of Great America, offering discount packages. There are many lodging options within 10 miles of the park, including these hotels within walking distance: Hampton Inn, La Quinta Inn, Best Western, Country Inn, Extended Stay Suites, and Grand Hotels.
Virtual Queue Options
The park sells a limited number Gold and Platinum versions of The Flash Pass each day to minimize wait times:
The parks has various stages offering different genres of musical shows. Besides the bubble-gum and country numbers, there are shows for the kids. Some of the locations may host local artists versus staged shows.
Raging Bull Roller Coaster POV
Batman the Ride Roller Coaster POV
X-Flight POV
Vertical Velocity V2 Roller Coaster POV
Coaster Expedition Volume 4 DVD
Coaster Expedition Volume 1 DVD

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