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X-Flight Media Day

This morning, SFGAm opened up their newest addition, X-Flight, for the media to check out. It officially opens to the public May 16th.

Cameron and I came away with a few thoughts summed up by Cameron best, 'It's good and it doesn't hurt.' Which obviously refers to the coaster that was removed. :wink: X-Flight, is compact, full of elements, and the head and foot choppers really make it special. Oddly enough, one side gives you a much more interesting ride than the other, but we'll let you figure it out on your own!

The dive element to start it off, gets the pace going right away, and is a major eye catcher as you walk down the midway. From there, it is element after element, until the very end. The ride is short, but I found it to be pretty much spot on perfect for timing. I'm not sure you could do much more in 1) the foot print X-Flight sits in, and 2) any more elements might be too many. The keyhole element is obviously the main attraction, and really ends the ride nicely before the small helix of death (which is pretty forceful). Surprising to me, was all the water elements. The misters at the end of a dive, past the 'garden hose sprayers', and the misters through the support after the keyhole. Cameron like the tons of floaty air time, and felt it had a good mix of positive and negative Gs. This B&M rides really smooth and quiet. Like scary quiet. The seats are comfortable, as are the restraints. Cameron and I found the back of the ride to be a bit more forceful, but it was pretty good through out the train. Speed is much faster than what the off ride videos appear to show. It does really pace through the course well.

The wing rider coaster is truly fun, and very re-ridable. It'll be interesting to see how much different the elements and ride are as the sun goes down, and the lights turn up. Even the queue was well thought out, and really interacts with the entire ride. It's pretty cool to be able to stand in the base of the control tower (which is actually outfitted with personnel), look up, and watch the train roll through the keyhole element. And beware those 'garden hose sprayers.' They're pretty powerful. I got a nice soaking standing in the queue while waiting to take a picture.

Cam and I want to thank Brandon, Amanda, and Nate of Six Flags for everything. But enough of my yammering, let's get on to the video and pictures!

Cam, where are we?

Six Flags, silly!

It must be X-Flight's Media Day!

The cadets march out to get this party started.

At ease.

The Sarge let's us know how this is going to roll.

Hank Salemi letting us know which way to the entrance.

Ribbon cutting!

Confetti must mean one thing....

we need pyro too!

Here's part of the queue. With more pyro.

Best part of the queue is the walking through the tower, looking up, and watching this.


Again, the queue really interacts with the ride. This is great vantage point towards the end.

And up and into the station...err, hangar!

Here's some coaster porn for you.

I like Tension Cylinders.

Here's coming out of the dive.

Through the first roll.

The roll again.

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