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Silver Dollar City
399 Indian Point Rd Branson, MO 65616, US
(417) 338-2611
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Buzzsaw Falls
Grand Exposition Coaster
Fire in the Hole
Outlaw Run
Powder Keg
Time Traveler (new for 2018)

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American Plunge
Electro Spin
Fire Spotter
Fire Wagon Frenzy
Fireman's Flyer (new for 2015)
Flooded Mine
Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train
Giant Barn Swing
Grandfather's Mansion
Lost River of the Ozarks
Magnificent Wave Carousel
Marvel Cave
Mighty Galleon
Racing Regatta
The Roundabout (new for 2015)
Tom and Huck's River Blast
Royal Tea Party
Up the Ladder
Wilderness Waterboggan

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Silver Dollar City has always had a strong fan base but Outlaw Law was the coasters that created renewed interest among enthusiasts. A jaw dropping inverting woodie built by Rocky Mountain Coasters. SDC's follow-up coaster (Time Traveler) is a first of its kind spinning coaster from Mack.

Two of SDC's other major coasters are located in the same area: Wildfire (a B&M looper) and Powder Keg (an excellent S&S launched coaster) as Fire in the Hole (an old-school powered coaster/ dark ride).

Thunderation, the park's very good Arrow mine train, is to the right after you enter--you can ride it forward or backward.

For those hot, humid summer days, the park offers three welcome water rides: American Plunge, an flume located next to Wildfire; Lost River of the Ozarks, a rapids ride in the back of the park; and Tom and Huck's River Blast, a well-themed Splash Battle. Another boat ride, the Flooded Mine, is a unique and enjoyable shooting dark ride that shouldn't be missed. Grandfather's Mansion is a nice walkthrough "tilt house" that you could easily overlook--it's located in Midtown.

When it comes to flat rides, the Giant Swing (an S&S Screamin' Swing) stands out. But the park's most unusual attraction is the Marvel Cave tour, which is located under the main gift shop. This walk through a beautiful series of underground rock formations and waterfalls involves lots of stairs, some slippery pavement, and some tight spaces, so be advised. It's definitely worth the effort, so be sure to check the tour schedule when you enter the park.
You can get good hamburgers and hot dogs at SDC, but it you want some really good stuff, just follow your nose and check out the various skillet creations at the outdoor food stands--your sure to find something you'll like! Sit-down and buffet meals, featuring fried or BBQed chicken, Italian food, hearty Ozarks breakfasts, ribs, and other goodies, are available, too.

At Flossie's Fried Fancies you can sample free prok rinds before buying and right across from the Powder Keg exit you can find jerky made from an assortment of unique animals.

Don't miss the baked goods at Eve & Deliah's bakery. Or the kettle corn! Or the funnel cakes! In fact just shelve any diet plans you may have had when you visit SDC!
Operating Season
SDC's season begins in April and runs through December. Daily operation begins in mid-May and lasts until mid-August. Be sure to check the park's website for operating days and hours: http://www.bransonsilverdollarcity.com/dates-hours/.
Established Seasonal Events
SDC hosts six major events each year: World-Fest (April-May); Bluegrass & BBQ (May); National KidsFest (June-July); Southern Gospel Picnic (August-September); National Harvest Festival (September-October); and An Oldtime Christmas (November-December).
Access & Location
SDC is located at 399 Indian Point Rd., Branson, MO 65616. This is west of Branson off of Highway 76. Highway 465, north of Branson, joins with 76 near Indian Point Rd., and bypasses the center of town (traffic can be crazy in Branson). Highway 265, south of town, also connects with 76 near the park.
Nearby Lodging
Branson, like Pigeon Forge, is a major tourist area with plenty of hotels and motels. Seasonal packages, which include tickets to SDC and other area attractions, as well as lodging, are available at http://silverdollarcity.reservedirect.com/sdc_packages.asp. You should be able to find something to suit your budget.
Virtual Queue Options
SDC's Trailblazer Pass offer front-of the-line access to major rides. The regular pass allows you to eight rides total on any combination of the available rides. Only a limited number of passes are sold each day. The park also sells a very limited number (only ten) of "Super" Trailblazer Passes each day which allows unlimited rides of the listed attraction.

Each pass is valid for only one time use with Time Traveler You can add on the Marvel Cave Lantern Tour for $4.95. Check the website for availability: http://www.bransonsilverdollarcity.com/offers-packages/default.aspx?id=259.

The Show Lover's Pass (additional $10) entitles you to VIP seating for some of the park's shows (package deals are available for larger groups at the Show Lover's Booth and can be ordered online): http://www.bransonsilverdollarcity.com/offers-packages/default.aspx?id=210.
SDC's packs a lot of shows into its schedule based on what time of year it is (country and folk music are, of course, a constant). Check the park's website for any particular shows that you might want to see: http://www.bransonsilverdollarcity.com/shows/.
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Wildfire Roller Coaster POV
Powder Keg Roller Coaster POV
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Mark's Postcard Paradise - Wildfire

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