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Silver Dollar City
399 Indian Point Rd Branson, MO 65616, US
(417) 338-2611
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Theme Park Review's 2010 Mid-America Trip

Our Branson hotel put us up on the Marquee...somehow "Theme Park Review" translated into "Roller Coaster Tour Company"...but hey, I'll take it! =)

TPR arrives at Silver Dollar City...one of the best theme parks in the United States!

Silver Dollar City is celebrating their 50 year anniversary. Good for them! Here's to another 50 years!

Silver Dollar City is a park set in the 1800's...it's sort of like would Knott's Berry Farm would be if Cedar Fair hadn't screwed it up.

Fire in the Hole...this is the only photo I have of the ride because it's an indoor coaster/dark ride...and it's one of those "old school" rides that is an absolute MUST SEE when you visit the park.

This might be my favorite kiddie coaster name ever!

Of course if there is a kiddie coaster...TPR will ride it!

Hooray! KidTums gets TWO coaster credits today!

Ooooh! Culinary school! I want to go!

Wait...they have classes for pot heads???

Even the smoking areas are themed!

In most parks they make you keep your knives and guns in the car. At Silver Dollar City...you can BUY them in the park!

Now for the park's very compact, but very awesome B&M... WildFire!

See 'ya later TPR members!

Mmm...B&M Goodness!

Wildfire packs a LOT into small space!

And all the awesome curvy sections are great, too!

Kevin got a little bit more of a thrill on Wildfire...he got stung by a bee! While ON the ride!!! What is it with TPR members getting stung by bees on B&Ms???

"Don't worry Kevin, we only have to remove two-thirds of your arm..."

This is Lou killing Dan with a plate full of grease and sugar!

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