Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

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Re: Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

Postby robbalvey » Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:06 pm

Got back late last night (well, really early this morning) from two amazing days at Silver Dollar City working with their PR department and the amazing folks from Rocky Mountain Construction (take a moment right now and go LIKE THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE - tell them TPR sent you!)

First let me say that Outlaw Run is amazing! It packs more action into each foot of track than I think almost any other roller coaster in the world! It's like the "Batman" of wooden roller coasters! From the first drop to the brake run, the coaster does not let up! There is no place to catch your breath on Outlaw Run until the end! Quite simply, if Outlaw Run isn't in the top five wooden roller coasters in the world next year, I'll be shocked!

Is there airtime? YES! I believe there were at least four moments of serious air, and then you felt like you were being thrown around (not in a violent way, but in a FUN way) all over the place.

What about those inversions? Let me tell you the more bizarre thing about them. If you never knew, you would think that inversions have been on wooden roller coasters forever. That's how "natural" they felt included in the ride. It's not like Son of Beast where it was "horrible rough ride... gimmicky loop ....more horrible rough ride", not at all, Outlaw Run was smooth, packed with insane action, and the inversions fit perfectly with the rest of the layout of the ride. It's a game changer. Seriously, what Rocky Mountain is doing will change the way people look at wooden roller coasters. (Did you LIKE their Facebook page yet?)

Is it short? Does it matter? Seriously, if you're just going to be a techy person and count the number of feet, sure, you're gonna find that it comes up with less track length than other rides. But I'd much rather have a shorter coaster that DELIVERS action the entire way through, than a longer coaster that meanders around trying to get to the next element.

In short, Outliaw Run kicks all sorts of A$$! You heard me say it on the video, and it's absolutely true!

Now onto photos and videos, as that is what you've come here for!

Outlaw Run "Official POV" Video!
This video includes the POV clip the park gave us, a backseat POV that we shot, and also a rider cam! We also shot our own POV the following day, but we are going to save that for our Roller Coasters in the RAW Blu-Ray series! (Volume 4 will be out this fall!)

YouTube Videolink

Outlaw Run Off-Ride shots and Reverse POV Video!
This is all footage TPR shot. If you like the reverse POV, you can get an idea of what our forward facing POV looks like! We had amazing weather and lighting for shooting video, and we of course thank Silver Dollar City for sorting that out!

YouTube Videolink

(Please feel free to share either of these videos on your Facebook page or Twitter. Help us spread the word!)
Yup, we are here for the media day of Outlaw Run and we couldn't be more excited!
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Walking up to the ride, you can see they did a VERY good job with the theming.
Viewed 32970 times
Here is the first section of the queue area, very nicely done!
Viewed 32970 times
I'm sure there will be a TON of guests filling these queues the rest of the summer!
Viewed 32970 times
I do what I'm told!
Viewed 32970 times
Those are some VERY happy riders on Outlaw Run!
Viewed 32970 times
Let me introduce you to the steepest wooden roller coaster drop in the world! (81 degrees for all you crazy math people!)
Viewed 32970 times
Oh, yeah, did we mention this ride goes upside down???
Viewed 32970 times
Viewed 32970 times
In case you were wondering if there was airtime on Outlaw Run, I think hair explosion girl can answer that for you!
Viewed 32970 times
Also, this ride does some seriously crazy stuff that I don't think wooden roller coasters were meant to do!
Viewed 32970 times
And there goes one of the first every trains, off on it's journey into the wild blue yonder.
Viewed 32970 times
And for you lift hill enthusiasts, get your box of tissues ready, because we've got something that's going to make you giddy with excitement. Ready for it???
Viewed 32970 times
Viewed 32970 times
Seriously, this ride is balls out insane. The POVs actually don't do it justice, watch the off-ride shots and you'll see how crazy fast this ride is!
Viewed 32970 times
Someone told me they thought this part looked like a "wooden X2" - funny that, isn't it? =)
Viewed 32970 times
And for those people who say the structure isn't very dense... look at this!
Viewed 32970 times
I love this looks so wrong... like I need to rotate it in photoshop, but no! This is how the ride actually is! Freaking mental!!!!
Viewed 32970 times
The inversions just feel so natural also, like as though wooden roller coasters have been doing them for years. They do not feel "gimmicky" at all!
Viewed 32970 times
I think they liked it! What do you think?
Viewed 32970 times
Since it's media day, we all got into the park early, and set up cameras and stuff...
Viewed 32970 times
Lisa was awesome keeping us updated on testing and when they were ready to have us ride!
Viewed 32970 times
Here I am doing the TV interview gig! "I even felt the airtime in my man boobs!"
Viewed 32970 times
We saw a LOT of "thumbs up" throughout the day! Seal of Approval came from everyone!
Viewed 32970 times
Take a look at the Outlaw Run station... it's really nice!
Viewed 32970 times
This photo literally captures "It took my breath away!"
Viewed 32970 times
Ride information for Outlaw Run... here we are at TPR providing important coaster info!
Viewed 32970 times
Riding with Duane from RCDB! (Who's that clown behind us?!?!?)
Viewed 32970 times
It's official! TPR got one of the "World Premiere" rides on Outlaw Run! (I was rider #41)
Viewed 32970 times
Another look at the outside of the queue. Really nice looking!
Viewed 32970 times
I really think that Silver Dollar City and Dollywood are a bit underrated when it comes to their theming, guest service, and park atmosphere. They are right up there with Disney, Universal, and Busch/SeaWorld parks!
Viewed 32970 times
Well, hopefully there won't be a real holdup along the way!
Viewed 32970 times
The Cuckoo Clocks will randomly go off in the station!
Viewed 32970 times
Ok, let's take another closer look at Outlaw Run.
Viewed 32970 times
Here's the top of the lift. Amazing view!
Viewed 32970 times
"Um, wait...are we doing that? OMG! We are dong that!"
Viewed 32970 times
What's bizarre about all the NINETY DEGREES elements is that you get airtime in ways you're not sure how to prepare for! And you DO get "Sideways airtime" on these hills!
Viewed 32970 times
Oh, and yes, there is traditional ejector air on this bunny hop!
Viewed 32970 times
This moment right here is when you finally get to catch your breath. And no other point on the ride are you allowed to do this...and we think that's AWESOME!
Viewed 32970 times
Thanks to the awesome Silver Dollar City PR staff, we were able to go in places to get photos & video that would be a huge "no-no" on normal park days!
Viewed 32970 times
Helllllooooo beautiful first drop!
Viewed 32970 times
Loop-de-loop.... THROUGH THE TREES!!!!
Viewed 32970 times
I love this photo...
Viewed 32970 times
Again, things that I never quite thought I'd see on a traditional wooden roller coaster...but here they are!
Viewed 32970 times
"Since when did wooden roller coasters do barrel rolls and other crazy inversions?"
"Since about 20 minutes ago."
Actual conversation I had on media day! lol
Viewed 32970 times
See! Stacks of wood with a top layer of steel. Steel wheels are also on the trains. No question - it's a traditional woodie!
Viewed 32970 times
Viewed 32970 times
Here's what it looks like looking UP from the bottom of the first drop!
Viewed 32970 times
We've been seeing images of the barrel rolls for months now, and while the "going upside down" part is awesome, I'm so glad this ride has so much more! Seriously the inversions are NOT a gimmick! They work so well!
Viewed 32970 times
I'm a sucker for shots with train shadows in them.
Viewed 32970 times
Second car from the back.... Hello Hairtime!!!!
Viewed 32970 times
I can't get enough of these onride Outlaw Run shots!
Viewed 32970 times
Again, I don't think the structure is a "minimalistic" as people are making it out to be.
Viewed 32970 times
Two stupid dudes in the front seat of Outlaw Run! =)
(huge thanks to Chadster for helping out with all the photos and stuff on media day.)
Viewed 32970 times
After a very successful media event, there was time for celebration in the evening!
Viewed 32970 times
I love Branson for all it's quirky bizarre things you can get... for example.... "Italian Nachos!"
Viewed 32970 times
And there they are! And they were awesome!
Viewed 32970 times
And if you're coming out to Branson this year, don't forget to see Yakov! No trip to Branson is complete without some Russian influenced humor! (and I believe this is his last year!) "In Russia, the jokes laugh at you!"
Viewed 32969 times
If you haven't figured it out from this report...we thought Outlaw Run was seriously amazing. The work that Rocky Mountain Construction is doing is really going to throw the coaster world for a loop (get it!), and five years ago, I never thought I'd be saying their name right along with B&M and Intamin as some of the best roller coaster designers in the world!

Congrats to both Silver Dollar City and RMC - you have a real winner on your hands!

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Re: Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

Postby zunkified » Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:07 pm

*waiting anxiously*

edit: of course as soon as I post that the pictures are up. It looks like media day was awesome! I'm making it out there in a couple weeks (I finally decided) and I can't wait! RMC really seems to be the future of coasters. I can't wait to see what else they cook up in the coming years, they're going to be a major player for sure.
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Re: Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

Postby mattnz » Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:15 pm

Looks like an absolutely awesome ride in every way. I love the "sideways air". Can't wait to ride with TPR a little later this year.

Great photos, footage and coverage as always!

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Re: Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

Postby BenFreeze » Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:17 pm

After seeing all of the construction updates and waiting anxiously for it to be complete, it almost doesn't seem real that Outlaw Run is officially open! :b

Great repot!

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Re: Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

Postby DougMJr » Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:20 pm

Great Report!

Can't wait to get on this thing on the tour Robb! I'll admit, the POV does not look like it does the ride justice. Your off-ride footage does a better job showing how this thing hauls A$$ until the very end!

Also, I may have watched a different reverse POV on a not-nearly-as-good-as-TPR YouTube channel and I got a kick out of you waving and making faces as their train dispatched.

How many days until the Midwest tour? TOO MANY!

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Re: Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

Postby Sir Clinksalot » Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:21 pm

This looks so awesome. Hope to be able to get out there and ride it soon. So glad it's not just a gimmick and is an actual great coaster.

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Re: Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

Postby _IntaMAN_ » Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:23 pm

Awesome report, I was waiting for it for quite a while now and looks like this coaster is quite the A$$ kicker! Wish I could go sooner than expected.... Well nice to see you had a fun two days at SDC! :D

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Re: Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

Postby Meteornotes » Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:24 pm

Wow, the videos and photos of this things are just amazing. I'm really going to have to try to get out there this year to ride this.

And just when I thought the report couldn't get any beter...YAKOV!!!

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Re: Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

Postby CpBluestreakCp » Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:26 pm

Looks like an amazing ride, thanks for all the coverage, Robb! Hopefully we'll be seeing new cousins of Outlaw Run being built at more parks.

Have you figured out where to put it in your top wooden coasters yet?
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Re: Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

Postby Erik Johnson » Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:32 pm

I am planning a visit in Aug. An amazing report, thank you!


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