Ocean Park
Hong Kong, China
Official Web Site: http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/

Theme Park Review Goes To Asia!

And yes...it's Christmas in Hong Kong....and they celebrate with REALLY FREAKING BIG TREES!!!

We call this "Santa in a box!"

Oh, wow, it's a T-Rex ahead!  Good thing we're not young children.


How's it going little lizard guy?

"Hey I found one that looks just like me!"

Being China, they also had pandas....lazy, Robb like Panda, apparently!

This one looks dead!

OH NO!!! They make waffles out of them too!
(We're not too sure what Robb is doing here....just don't say anything...let him do his thing, and maybe he'll just go away.)

Dude....it's "Mr. Squid."  Yeah.

We saw this scary ass creepy thing...and RAN!!!

"Yo, wassup...time for the ice slides...in Hong Kong!"


"OMG!  I can't stop!!!!  My ass is sliding off this thing!!!"

"Goodbye Robb, Elissa, and Quaker....see you real soon we hope!"
(ok, are they gone yet?)

"Anti-Fouling....that sounds like a place for Robb!"

On the trains we saw a typical Asian pastime...Nintendo DS and mobile phones!

The Octopus card (aka The Pussy Card) is what allows you to pay for stuff in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is known for kick ass looking buildings.

There's a crap load of them everywhere!!!

Elissa's all "Mine's bigger!"  =)

The "Cheese Grater" building. Probably my favorite building in all of Hong Kong!

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Thanks to Quaker for the extra photos!

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