Ocean Park
Hong Kong, China
Official Web Site: http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/

Theme Park Review Goes To Asia!

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"The Dragon" - Translation: "Prepared to get your asses kicked!"

It actually looks really nice!  Multi-colored trains...

It's right on the water...
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And it has the world's first "sidewinder" loop....oh dear!  =)

It's even got a cool funky station!


These guys look a little concerned.

I mean, it does have a GREAT view!

That is if you're conscious long enough to enjoy the view!

Oooh!  Low to the ground helixes!!!


Here's some coaster porn for Derek!

At least the trains are pretty!

That's a coat hanger transition if I've ever seen one!  =)

The ride really does *look* amazing!

And Quaker seems to really enjoy the lift hill!
"I haven't had my head bashed apart yet....I like it so far!"

Did we mention it also has two lift hills and a really funky ending?  (Watch the POV...you'll see!)

Everyone gets off the ride a little bit dazed....

OOOH!!!  DEREK!!!  LOOK!!!!

Derek doesn't like this photo.  :(

And there they go...another train of unsuspecting riders having no idea that Mike Tyson is waiting for them out on the track....

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