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This highlight of the trip was getting to walk up to the Psycho house!

"World Famous Stud!"  Wow, how did they know DaCock was going to be there tonight?

We got on the tram tour "VIP Style!"  Escorted by our favorite PR Rep.

Lindsey's all "Hey guys...wanna spend the night in a motel?"

Wow!  Now THIS sounds like an AWESOME night!

Hmm...this room seems to occupied...maybe we should try the next one....

Wow!  Now THAT looks like a hell of a party!!!

Looks like Norman is at it again.

Oooh!  We get up close and personal with the Psycho house!

Wow...Norman's a cross dresser!  Who knew?  =)

Chainsaw guys and body parts.  This is my kind of evening!

This is like a scene out of "Alive".....but with less snow.

The first of the two mazes we did was "The Asylum."

Mr. Chainsaw Pig guy is calling DoCock "Loser!!!"  How did he know?

I love hot dead chicks!!!

Robb found his long lost twin brother!

Next up was the "House of Horrors" with lots of classic horror movie characters.  Jason, Chucky, the clown from It.  They were all here!

The Mummy deep in thought....

"Scary Bald Blue Dude" loves Elissa!!!

Hot Damn!  What did I do to deserve passed out drunk chick in the bath tub!?!?
"Thank you god!!!"

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Click HERE to see our Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood VIDEO!

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Thanks to Jahan and Mike for the extra photos!

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