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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Hollywood is BACK!

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Friday the 13th, 2006 was opening night for the return of Halloween Horror Nights, and Theme Park Review was at the media party
for the event!  Overall, the park did a really great job dressing up for Halloween.  The two mazes were good and the scare zones were GREAT!
Lots of cool characters who were obviously having a great time with the crowd and it was nice to see the characters using environment effects
and power tools to scare instead of the typical "shaker cans" you find at other similar haunts.  The only real negative is that we wanted more!
And hopefully as the event evolves over the years we'll see more walk-thru attractions and scare zones to fill that void.  On to the photos!

Just in case you might have already forgotten where the event was.

"Jahan - scarier than any scare actor!"

"Can you believe they consider us 'media'?!?!  Awesome!"

Here we are on the blood red carpet.

Oh, crap!  We're Halloween Horror Nights!  All along we thought this was JesusFest 2006!

"You really don't need what you're about to eat."

Jahan, trying to look as suave as possible as he orders..."Um...I'll have a coke, please...."

Yeah, the director was watching over us, and even though he looked like Wes, we didn't mess around with this psycho nearby.

Electrocuted clowns....NICE!

This is what the park does to line jumpers.

Mmm....Media events always sport the foo-foo food!


Mike's favorite was the "mini hamburgers!"


Well, at least we know where all this foo-foo food will end up.

This is the ONLY action Mike got all night.

It wouldn't be a Halloween Horror Nights without "chainsaw guys".....

or FIRE!!!!  HHN is known for having kick ass fire effects!

Now THAT is what I call a finale!!!


"Check me out...I'm with the dead Mexican Sombrero Dude!"

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Thanks to Jahan and Mike for the extra photos!

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