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Copenhagen, Denmark
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 8: Tivoli Gardens
Forum Members: Download Daemonen POV Video!

Tivoli is a "no dogs allowed" place! 

Just a couple more pics of Daemonen to keep you all satisfied.

The zero-G is taken with some decent speed.

We all loved this ride more than we thought we would!

Did you download the POV yet?

I like how they had the nets everywhere to keep all those goodies from falling on people!

What is with the Europeans fascination with "Zoom Zoom???"

This is about as much culture as I can handle at a theme park!

I'm all about the screaming people on a coaster!

A nice view of the helix and the tower.

Ahh, our awesome "check us out as topless hula girls" photo.  At least we got the proportions correct!  ;)

Our group photo from the our awesome day at Tivoli with the members of

Now it's off to the train station for our visit to Bakken.

This was an actual ad in the train station!

After this, we've covered just about every mode of transportation: Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Boats!
Next Stop....Bakken!

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