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Dolancourt, France

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Day 17: Nigloland

When we were outside the park, we heard something that sounded like a large animal grunting and moaning.  Naturally we were curious.
Turns out, that was the sounds of Dinosaurs!  Yes...REAL Dinosaurs!  Or...Niglosaurs!

"Hello, I am the old man from Jurassic Park.  Sure I look a lot different, and apparently there is something wrong with my arm because
it can only go up and down...but I'm that old guy!  I swear it's me!"


This is what happens when Elissa eats the "Power Up"

Grrr....if I wasn't bolted to the ground I would BITE all of you!

We had one more coaster left to ride!

It was one of them Schwarzkopf Jet Starry things!

It wasn't in the best of shape, but it was fun!

Hmm?  I wonder what could be in this scary looking Niglohouse?

OMG!  Yes, once again, it's BENCH: THE RIDE!!!!(this one on a rotating platform!)

Turns out this is where they are keeping Michael Jackson.  And he's got some ugly kid with him too!

I've always liked random floating skeletal chamber music!

I am Dan.  I like Bench: The Ride.

"Hey Elissa...we found a ride for you!"  =)

Elissa "Oh, please...PLEASE let a train come by now!"

"OMG!  It worked!  Who's going to drive the van now?"

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