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Goteborg, Sweden
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 7: Liseberg
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Last, but certainly not least, we can't forget about Lisebergbanana...Banana???  Oh, wait...nevermind.

The banana ride was apparently Schwarzkopf's favorite coaster.

We can see why as this ride really kicked ass!

It's like a super speedy mine train on really expensive crack!

It's fast....REALLY fast!!!

It was hard to get photos of the complete layout, but it's basically fast banked turns, airtime, more fast turns!

It was a damn good ride!

It's time for "Wacky photos on the Tilt-A-Whirl!"

More wackiness caught on tape!

Rob Beal had the coolest shirt ever!

The funny part is the word "Plopp."  We all decided that by adding the word "Plopp" to anything, it becomes funny!

Vouching for the men on the trip, I must say we were all in support of Sweden's hot lesbian action!

The more lesbians the better!!!

The park even had statues dedicated to beauty of hot lesbian action!

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