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Goteborg, Sweden
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 7: Liseberg
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Today was our visit to Liseberg.  Now, for those of you who read Theme Park Review on a regular basis know that it would be unusual
for us to put up a page with nothing but coaster photos.  But when a park has two awesome coasters like Balder and Kanonen,
it's hard not to dedicate a page to them.  So here's some photos of some of the greatest coasters, and then funny stuff on page two!

Balder....what can we say?  Hands down the BEST wooden coaster on the planet!!!

Kanonen....while it's not Balder, it's a really good rocket coaster, especially for it's compact size.

Just look at how 'cute' it is!

And just look at how wicked mean Balder is!

The first drop starts with a gnarly banked turn...probably the ONLY part of the ride where you are in you seat!

Be prepared for ejection city!

Oh, yeah, the only other part of the ride you spend in your seat!

Now let's switch over to Kanonen.  The launch up to the tophat.

Up and over!  If you're in the front seat, this is a GREAT ride!

Over at Balder we see people getting ejected...

Over at Kanonen, we see people getting twisted.

Look at the rider's can tell the airtime they are getting!

The best thing about these two rides is how close they are too each other!

Got airtime?

Everyone loves vertical loop photos!

Be prepared to be EJECTED!!!

A close up of the first drop.

This pulls a heck of a lot of G's in the loop.

It just doesn't get any better than this!

Everyone is holding of for dear life!

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