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Sierksdorf, Germany
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 9: Hansa Park

The awesome ride of the day was the "Star Flyer."

This INSANE ride might look tame.  But OMG!!! 

"I'm just a little nervous about being held 200 feet in the air by these little chains!"

This ride is NUTS!!!!

Look at how high you go!  And it's VERY fast!!!

The Star Flyer is actually taller than the park's drop tower!

All that's holding you in is your typical "chairswing" chain!

"Are we back in California?"

Hey Elissa...would you rather do the Horse...or Robb?

Here we are in the southwest....I guess it's supposed to be Mexico?

Hey Dan, would you rather do the Horse...or Robb?  =)

We see you people-eating coaster!

"Grrr!  I'm hungry coaster!"

"I want to EAT THOSE PEOPLE!!!"

"Yummy people!  Come to me now!!!!"

Just in case you forgot the name of the park already....

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