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Marineland & Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Buffalo Area Parks Trip - 2003!
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Six Flags Darien Lake
   Seabreeze   Paramount's Canada's Wonderland    Martin's Fantasy Island
Marineland   Conneaut Lake Park   Waldameer Park   Buffalo County Fair

Ahh!  More Canada!  Here is one of the countries famous castles!  =)

Max nearly um...."messes" himself as he goes on his favorite Arrow multilooper!'s an Arrow ride..ouch...ouch...ouch!  =)

GRRR!!!  Let's go kick some Canadian butt!!!!

In Canada, all the kids rides have 1970s television sets on them.

Max is confused..."do I eat the ice cream cone or the bear food?"

In Canada, all the bears are specifically trained to catch falling ice cream cones!

If it was the kind of "touching and feeding" Robb was hoping for, he would move to Canada!!!!

It's all aboot the Canadian whale show, eh?

In Canada, all leaks in whale tanks heal themselves!  (WTF, mate?!?!)

Max is thrown out of Canada!!!!

In Canada, everyone drives these little yellow buggies!
(I wish I could have one!!!!)

In Canada, they use leaves as currency!

It's another shot of Max's favorite ride!

Yay!  It's Niagara Falls!

It wouldn't have been a trip to Canada without the boys 'mounting' a mounty!

Max shows his Canadian spirit!

Does this count as our 'sightseeing' quota for the year?


The Great Canadian Midway had a Great Canadian Buffet!!!

The Canadian Midway was home to this Wrestling themed drop ride!

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