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Waldameer Park
Erie PA
Buffalo Area Parks Trip - 2003!
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Six Flags Darien Lake
   Seabreeze   Paramount's Canada's Wonderland    Martin's Fantasy Island
Marineland   Conneaut Lake Park   Waldameer Park   Buffalo County Fair

The Waldameer Comet!  Little, but fun!  =)

The Log Flume...big and wet!!!!

Robb clowns around at Waldameer... (Yeah..I know that was not funny at all!!!)

The Wacky Shack

In Pennsylvania, you have to wear a silly fishing hat to ride the Wacky Shack.

It's the "Comet!"

Right out of the station and onto the lift hill! 

The Comet has these cute little PTC trains....I wonder if Robb & Gregg could squeeze into these?  =)

You have to have friends or a significant other to ride the Comet!

Waldameer has a number of classic flat rides including the Paratrooper!

The Ravine Flyer 3 was their kiddie coaster that we didn't have to steal a kid for!

This is what Elissa would look like if she was a fat dwarf!

This is what Max looks like now!  =)

When Waldameer gets their spinning coaster in '04, we'll be sure to come back!

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