Conneaut Lake Park
Conneaut, PA
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Buffalo Area Parks 2003 Trip Update!

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Conneaut Lake is one of the oldest parks in the country and home to the "Blue Streak"

These new 'classic' trains, while nice and nostalgic, didn't deliver the airtime the NAD train used to.

The Blue Streak uses these lights to tell the operator where the train is at.

This is one old rickety woodie!  But it's fun!  =)

Yet again...more water on our trip!

Robb does his "Justin" impression in the hat shop!

Elissa goes for her kiddie coaster credit but is DENIED!!!!  HAHAHAHA!!!!

Awww..this made us think of Amy!

There must be some bizarre story behind the Blue Streak head! 

The ride ops have a little bit of fun as the train pulls into the station!

There is plenty of leg room in the Blue Streak!

"Sparks!  Sparks!  Sparks!!!!"

The Chance Toboggan.....the most claustrophobic coaster in the world!

Dave is impressed with how roomy the cars are!  =)

Yes, that is a Vertical lift hill...and yes is scares the hell out of me!

Here is the Roll-O-Plane that Robb & Max broke!!!

The ride op just ran away to go get help and left them spinning!!!

Devils Den is one of those "is it a coaster or is it a dark ride?" rides.

Dave and Max look scared!

Devils Den is known for's Gum Wall!!!!  Yuk!!!!

The ride is a lot of fun, but we don't consider it a coaster!

Conneaut's Flyers were pretty good!

"Connie Otter" makes sure all the guests behave!  =)

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