Theme Park Review's
Christmas Party 2006!

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Knott's Berry Farm - Disney's California Adventure!

Every year TPR throws the most awesome "Holiday Party!"  All of our close friends gather together for a weekend of insanity,
a few of our locals parks, and just to "hang out."  This year was no different, we had friends fly in from all over, 8 people stayed at our
small apartment, and the weekend was full of fun and craziness.....the following photos and videos are PROOF!  =)

Not even just a couple of hours off the plane, and where do a group of coaster enthusiasts go?  Why, the grocery story of course!
Dan would be so proud!

The weekend started with Spookbaby fondling two sausages at once. It was going to be a great three days!

Hey, Joe....try not to get all the crème filling all over your face!

It's time for some Japanese food...TPR Style!

Wes drinks a glass full of the stuff that he coughs up.

"Hey Jahan!  Stop passing notes!!!"


Jahan, did your people have anything to do with this?
Robb, did you light a fart on fire?

Bob's oral skills weren't quite as good as mine!

"Ahhh!  Tasty Fish!"

"Keep drinking Laura....keep drinking!"  =)

"Hey Laura, can you help me out here?"

*munch*  *munch*  *munch*


And now, put on your 3D glasses as Kodak and the Walt Disney Company proudly present....."The Spindle"

"Move over Lou! Yeti Ball's got a new woman!!!"

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Thanks to Spookbaby for the extra photos!

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