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Un-Solace Weekend!
Disneyland Resort   Legoland, California   Un-Solace Party!

So what is "Un-Solace" weekend?  Well, originally Knott's annual "Winter Coaster Solace" event was supposed to be the weekend of
March 3rd and 4th, but they changed it!  Well, some of our friends had already bought their plane tickets and made plans based on the earlier date
so we figure "Do we really need the event to have a good time?"  All you need is some close friends, a placenta, and some beer!  Oh, yeah,
a theme park or two might also help!

Note: The update also includes several videos including Rockin' Space Mountain & California Screamin', Jungle Cruise, Knight's Tournament,
and lots of other TPR antics so be sure to check them out too!

WARNING!  This is a very "PG-13" update!  If you don't have a good sense of humor, get offended easily, or don't know what a labia is...

"Welcome!  You will be subjected to Red Hot Chili Peppers....you have been warned!"

Yes, it's true!  They have thawed out Walt and now he's working the front gate!

"A TPR tradition is to start our day at Disneyland by eating a pancake shaped like a corporate mascot!"

"What part of Mickey do I eat first?  The sexy pineapple smile or those cute blueberry eyes?"

Photo Submitted By CaseyFish
Next up was the Jungle Cruise....which, I'm not sure was the best idea because I do believe our skipper will have to spend quite some
time in therapy after our cruise!

Photo Submitted By CoasterFanatic
"I do apologize to everyone in the back, this cruise has been hijacked by some religious freaks from Norway!  No, no, I'm serious!
And apparently they use penguins as weapons too!"

TPR's Trip Around the Jungle Cruise....VIDEO!!!!
Yes, now you can see what we think could be the most insane Jungle Cruise EVAR!!!!

We need some sanity, so just a quick stop at Indy will help.

I'm thinking a good "head" caption might be appropriate here, but then again, don't kids read this site too?  Oh, wait...

This jeep is going straight to the next Special Olympics Games!  Front row will compete in Bocce. Middle row we might have some swimmers,
and yeah, obviously the back row is Basketball (expect for Max, he's doing the altar boy races.)

"I'm CRAZY angry snake guy with a tongue that will please all the women in New Jersey at the same time!"

Indy!  Watch out for that ball behind you!  Don't let it get on your face!

Photo Submitted By CaseyFish
Casey laughs at the short people....

Photo Submitted By DerekRX
...who can't do simple things like look over the fence!

This is WAY better than "My Giant." 
Then again, getting swiftly pounded in the nuts with a Balder hammer would be better than My Giant!

Photo Submitted By DerekRX
Man versus Castle!  MAN WINS!!!!
With this photo, we now end a long series of "castle jokes."  Because there is no way to come up with anything funnier than this!
(ok, ok, who are we kidding, we'll never end the castle jokes, but c'mon, this one is going to be VERY hard to beat!)

Lou, meet Pluto's ass.

"Hi, I'm Elissa and I'm pregnant, but I won't be tomorrow!"

"Hi I'm Derek....I still have about 6 months left to go!"

We need to update this!

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