Space World
Higashida, Japan
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Theme Park Review Goes To Asia!

We see Mt. Fuji so that means we must be in Japan!

And unless Quaker was able to use his Japan Rail Pass in Kuwait...that must also mean we're in Japan!


"Anyone want a drink of my sweat?"

Yay!  We finally made it to Space World.

Space World welcomes us!

Elissa hangs out with a cute little "Space-ette!"

Hmmm...Big Bang Plaza or credits?  I think we'll take credits over food since we're not your typical ACEr.

BEWARE!!!  Giant space men might be attacking!

"Hey all you Cedar Point Fanboys....this one's for you!"

Kind of looks familiar doesn't it?

Although I can tell you, this Arrow hyper coaster is NOTHING like Magnum!

What the HELL is that crazy twisted coat hanger concoction?!?!

We got clear weather, and we're ready go to!

You gotta love the whole "UFO crash lands on the log flume theming!"

"Don't try to hide form us Magnum-looking-Titan...we see you!"

Don't worry...there's no airtime on that hill!

But the first drop was actually really decent!

For all you lift hill you go.

Yes, we actually survived all that mess...and would you believe that this ride wasn't really that rough!

"Hey Magnum...check me out!"

Anyone on TPR that worked on Magnum might find this photo a bit interesting!

The park is *SMACK* in the middle of the city.

And you can hear the screams from the Arrow ride for miles!  =)

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Obligatory "drum game" photo.

And it wouldn't be a Japan update without a picture of one of the scary creepy ride around animals that look like they
should be for kids, but REALLY are for us full grown adults.

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Thanks to Quaker for the extra photos!

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