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Knoebel's Phall Phunfest 2003 Photo Update!

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Just look at this pic of the Flyers....they are everywhere!!!

Mark, what have you done with your flyer?!?!

Note that Mark's flyer is not flat like the rest of them!

The innocent Quaker boy managed to wrap the cable around the bolt of the tub!
It took a Knoebel's employee and Walt (A Target employee!) to fix it!  =)

Max finds his little bit of 'home' at Knoebel's!

Ron proves yet again that he is the King of the High Speed Thrill Coaster!

Don't underestimate this little ride, it gives almost as much airtime as Intamin hypers!

Look at all that hand slapping going on!
Robb says "Hello Mr. are you?"

Robb for once isn't worrying about the camera and is having a great time on HSTC!

Catholic Boy and Quaker Boy do their 'Jesus Saves' impression! 

Corey and Brent make some really messed up faces on the Whip!

Elissa really is into those older men!  (Sorry, George, had to do it!)  =)

Twister as seen from Knoebel's new Skyride!

This is one of Max's ex-students.  'Nuff said!  =)

I don't even want to know what Mark is doing or thinking in this picture!

Eating is a routine part of Knoebel's....
....Mark, you keep this up and you'll achieve "ACEr" status in no time!  =)

Elissa, known for bizarre eating and drinking habits, finds the most unusual way to suck down a hot chocolate!

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