Robb & Elissa's* "June Trip 2001"

Six Flags America, Paramount's King's Dominion, Six Flags New England,
Dorney Park, and Hersheypark, all in 7 days!

"At least the park isn't very crowded today"

Elissa is about to be shipped "Priority Mail" on the flyers. (are you paying attention Jeff?)

Once again, the "Fred 3D finger trick" only seems to work on him.

Robb's 'Gay Pride' rainbow haircut was a big hit at PKD!

You can almost make out Elissa and Derek in the front seat!

The view from the front seat of Hypersonic!

Elissa and Derek really enjoy their front seat ride on Hypersonic.


90 Degrees down, baby!

"At least there's not much airtime on Superman: Ride of Steel!"

Although Elissa seems to find PLENTY of airtime!

Yeah!  Backdoor passes on the Cyclone thanks to Six Flags "Fast Lane" system.

Robb takes a ride on the Frisbee...everyone else wimped out!

If Elissa can't make it on the Discovery Channel, I'm sure the Man Show will take her on!

Elissa is such the credit whore, she bribed a kid to ride with her!

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