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Wavre, Belgium
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 2: Walibi Belgium

After nearly 15 hours in the air and lots of driving we finally made it to our first stop, Walibi Belgium!

"Hey, anyone want to see me in a Speedo?  Anyone?  C'mon!!!!  Anyone?"

Joey makes a new friend in "Wok" Walibi's non-politically correct Asian Dragon!

Nice photo of the Loop Garou sign.  Horrible photo of Robb!

Yay!  Waiting in line for one of many Vekoma rides!

Loup Garou is actually pretty good, though.

For whatever reason, Vekoma can actually make a decent woodie!

See, all three of us are on a Vekoma ride, smiling and HAPPY!

Joey's doing some Richard Simmons moves on Loup Garou!

Nice Vekoma woodie....nice....

Even the PLC knows it's master!

"YES!!!  One Vekoma ride down, MANY to go!"

Ahhh, the crown jewel of the park - The SLC!!!

Doesn't that SLC look nice and yummy?

"I've been stuck under this stupid ride for years..."

You can never have too many pictures of awesome Vekoma rides!

"I think I lost my Yamaka on that one!"

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