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Hassloch, Germany
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Day 13: Holiday Park

What can we say about the park that has the best coaster in the world?  The place kicks ass.  It has boobs and the #1 coaster.
What more can you ask for?

I mean, just look at that thing!  I get all hot and bothered just looking at it!

You can get an idea of the layout....airtime hill, crazy turn, airtime hill, turns and curves, airtime hill, airtime hill, airtime hill......

Is it just me or does it almost look like it's smiling???

OMG!!!!  There's a FACE in Expedition GeForce!  Quick!  Sell it on Ebay along with the Jesus waffle!

Next, Elissa decided to hop off the train, sneak up the lift hill and battle robot monsters!

Well, ok, maybe that's not how it happened, but it makes for a great story doesn't it?  Oh, yeah, there's some people on the ride.

We can get some pretty cool photos from up here.

See, there's our feet and a bunch of track WAAAAAY down there!

These people are all happy because they have lots of room between their butt and the seat.

Going down?

"Hello, this is 100 times better than normal sex!"

I mean, it just doesn't get any better than this without needing something from the Pleasure Chest.

From the top of the lift this looks like a straight section, but it's got plenty of air.

So does this hill.

Please come out to Holiday Park and ride this over and over again!

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