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Soltau Germany
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Day 10: Heide Park

Hello, I am the decapitated dog replaced by Robb's head....WELCOME TO HEIDE PARK!!! 

Notice that at Heide Park, there aren't any employees at the turnstiles!  They trust that you have bought a ticket,
and that you are entering with one!  Could you imagine this in the states???

And now for the highlight of the day!

Colossos - aka Awesome Intamin woodie!

Everyone please look at this photo.  Please note that the ride is made out of WOOD.  Therefore, this is a WOOD coaster!

Who needs ERT when the station is this empty....ALL DAY LONG!

Soren and Fynn are either happy riders or giving us their 'constipation face'

There are these people who keep telling me that Colossos and Balder are not wood coasters.  Hmm...what do you think they are then?

Everyone hands up and be prepared for massive airtime!


The park really has a beautiful setting.  Vekoma ride in the foreground, Statue of Liberty, Intamin ride in the background!

Seriously, though, this is a really nice looking park.  Everyone bit of it is meticulously landscaped!

This is a beautiful photo made better with the giant Intamin drop ride in the background!

"Everyone loves a German girl!"  Words to live by....right Soren?  ;)

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