Dreamland Amusement Park
Margate, UK
Official Web Site:

European Coaster Odyssey 2002!
Two weeks visiting Europe's best theme parks!

The coaches pull into Margate at the sign of coasters!

The Scenic Railway offered a nice view of the park.

ACErs get ready for this classic wooden coaster.

There is actually some airtime on this ride.

Hurry, we need to get our next credit in!

Hey!  What's BGT's Scorpion doing here???

You gotta love those tight turns!

Dave looks like he's enjoying himself!

Wow, it's been at least a day since we've seen one of these!  =)

This was a very funky kiddie coaster...at least it was another credit!

There must have been a sale on these "Sea Storm" rides, because they are everywhere! 

There was even a cheesy dark ride at Dreamland!

Robb: "Hey, wait a minute...I need to make a stop here."

More fun filled rides on the Scenic Railway.

The drops are actually quite impressive.

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