Folkstone, UK
Official Web Site: There isn't one...the park is GONE!!!!

Like Leap The Dips, Runaway Coaster was a side-friction woodie.

Because they were only running one car, there was a quite a wait for this coaster.

The ride op has to push the car out of the station.

There was some pretty violent jolts of airtime on this ride!

Uh, oh...that's not a Crazy Mouse in the background, is it?

There are no upstop wheels holding the car onto the track!

This shooting gallery was something right out of Family Funways!

I mean, that grandmother looks like it's been run over by a bulldozer!

And this guy?  Dude, you're not going to shoot anything holding the gun that way!

Yep!  It's WAS another Crazy Mouse.

ACErs get ready to ride.

Although the only thing crazy about one was the line due to one car operation.

The station and the cars are VERY similar to Leap The Dips.

Elissa is spun out!

This slide looks like it came right out of Roller Coaster Tycoon.

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