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Theme Park Review's
2nd Annual Coaster Video Contest!
And the winners are....

Theme Park Review's Picks:
First Place - Nick Collins' "Bumps & Bruises"
Runner Up - Guy T Koepp's  "It Came From The 4th Dimension"
Runner Up - Tom Mueller's  "Busch Gardens Tampa"
Runner Up - Kevin Gillan's "Floruba"
Runner Up - Morgan OBriens' "Best Movie Ever!"

Viewers Choice Picks:
1st  Place - Guy T Koepp's  "It Came From The 4th Dimension"
2nd Place - Tom Mueller's  "Busch Gardens Tampa"
3rd Place - Thibault Van Look's  "FUN!!!"
4th Place - Nick Collins'  "Bumps & Bruises"
5th Place - Martyn Hoyer's  "Alton Towers Lovely Rita Video"

Theme Park Review's "Notables"
"Best Segment Without A Coaster"

     Bernhard Wimmer's  Marchenpark
"Most Improved Videographer From Previous Year"  
     Alan Martin & Phil Hart's  "Carowinds Opening Day 2005"

"Best Dressed" - "Guy in the pink robe!"
Joseph Wanek's  "Adventureland"
"Best Video By The Youngest Entrant"
     Connor Thompson's  "Knott's Khristmas"
"Best One-Liner" - "High  Speed Coaster From Vekoma!"
     Tom Mueller's  Universal Orlando 2004
"Best Line Quoted By E.T."
     Don Garrison's  "Universal Studios Florida"
"Best Animal Attack" - Duck Biting Girl!
     Paul Ruiz De Miquel's  Terra Mitica
"Most Consistent Videographer" (See Top 20)
     Jon LoCoco's  "Hersheypark"
     Jon LoCoco's  "Cedar Point"
"Video Entry That Traveled The Farthest"
     Clint Dulieu's  "Sea World Australia"
"Person That TPR Is Most Disappointed In"
     Rainer Ziesche For Not Submitting A Video This Year!
     (Rainer won last year's contest with
" Season 2003")

Viewers Choice Top 20 Scores

Thanks again to everyone who participated!  This year's contest was better than ever with more people submitting
and more people voting than ever before!  We look forward to the 2006 Theme Park Review Video Contest!

All videos below are 20-30 meg .zip files.  All movies are in .mpg format and should play on the latest version of Windows Media Player
Videos have all been compressed to the same visual quality in order to be fairly judged and to help reduce server bandwidth.
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For the contest rules click here.

Click this link to download Jon LoCoco's  "Hersheypark" Video Contest Entry

Hersheypark, home to many great coasters such Storm Runner, Lightning Racer, Wildcat, Great Bear, and they are all
featured in Jon's video!  If you love Intamin rocket coasters, this is a video you want to check out.

Click this link to download Joseph Wanek's  "Adventureland" Video Contest Entry

Joseph and his friends with the pink robe decent upon this small little park in Des Moines, Iowa and create havoc for about
4 minutes or so.  Funny video, bizarre'll laugh a lot!  =)

Click this link to download Alain Devester's  "Movie Park Germany" Video Contest Entry

Warner Brothers Movie world has changed names for the 2005 season, but from what we can tell of this video, the park
still looks great!

Click this link to download Brian Targett's  "Six Flags Great Adventure 2005" Video Contest Entry

It's opening weekend 2005 at Six Flags Great Adventure.  Lots of coasters are featured in the video, and there's even
some good shots of Kingda Ka, although not open yet.

Click this link to download Paul Fowler's  "Knott's Winter Coaster Solace" Video Contest Entry

Paul has managed to capture the spirit of this annual coaster enthusiast event.  Want to see Ghostrider, Silver Bullet,
Xcelerator, and a whole lot more, start downloading this video!


Posted June 6th, 2005:

Click this link to download Morgan Obrien's  "BEST MOVIE EVER!!!" Video Contest Entry

Morgan openly admits that this video is a "shameless attempt to win the contest..."  Well, we certainly did find it pretty
funny with all the goofy antics with friends, and some great footage from park that you don't see very often like Parque
De Atracciones in Madrid, Tivoli Gardens, and some fun at Oktoberfest!

Click this link to download Julian Johnson's  "Vertigo" Video Contest Entry

Here is this week's Florida entry!  =)  But this one features some very cool editing, great pacing, and lots of good footage
from Busch Gardens Tampa, Universal's Islands of Adventure, and Sea World Orlando! 

Click this link to download Jonathan Hawkins'  "Paramount's Kings Dominion 2005" Video Contest Entry

Welcome to Paramount's King's Dominion!  Jonathan as his wacky group of friends will show you around the park, ride most
of the coasters like Hurler, Volcano, Hypersonic, and even get you wet on the parks new "Tomb Raider" top spin ride!

Click this link to download Martyn Hoyer's  "GhosterForce" Video Contest Entry

Want some chills with your thrills?  Martyn and the CoasterForce gang take on some Halloween fun during last year's
festivities at Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures in the UK.  Oh, yeah, and there is footage of coasters too! 

Click this link to download Clint Dulieu's  "Sea World Australia" Video Contest Entry

Now here's a park that I had never even seen footage of!  Australia's own Sea World!  Turns out this park has quite a
collection of interesting rides including a flume ride with tons of special effects, and an Arrow multi-loop Corkscrew. 
This video gives you a great tour of this little-known, yet high quality park.

Posted May 30th, 2005:

Click this link to download Don Garrison's  "Universal Studios Florida" Video Contest Entry

Don Garrison brings us to Universal Studios Orlando um...kind of...uh "White Gangsta" style?  =)  It's part "Theme Park
Review" part "Tommy & James" but all fun!

Click this link to download Bernhard Wimmer's  "UK Tour 2004" Video Contest Entry

Wanna visit Thorpe Park, Blackpool, Drayton Manor, Alton Towers, Chessington, and Oakwood?  Simple.  Download
this video and you'll get to visit all these great parks!

Click this link to download Connor Thompson's  "Knott's Khristmas" Video Contest Entry

This cool little video set at Knott's Berry Farm during "Khristmas" comes to us from Connor, a 12-year old, up and coming
video editor!  Keep that in mind when watching this video as it's quite a testament of what a young guy can do!

Click this link to download Andreas Austgen's  "Holiday Park" Video Contest Entry

Of course this video gets instant props for having our favorite roller coaster "Expedition GeForce" included, but it's also a
great video showing off friends having a good time in this cool park!

Click this link to download Thibault Van Look's  "FUN!!!" Video Contest Entry

Want to know what "FUN!!!" is?  Easy!  It's going to Europa Park, Warner Bros. Movie World, Walibi Belgium,
Bobbejaanland, hanging out with friends, riding roller coasters, and watching this video!  =)

Posted May 23rd, 2005:

Click this link to download Tom Mueller's  "Busch Gardens Tampa" Video Contest Entry

Tom brings us a Busch Gardens Tampa video set to classical music.  A very unique and cool approach to showing off
this park! And, oh yeah, they sneak in some Sea World Orlando footage too!

Click this link to download
Frederic Molitor & Nicolas Chavance's "Weekend Airtime 2004" Video Contest Entry
A group of wacky French coaster enthusiasts go to Universal's Port Aventura.  'Nuff said!  =)
Well, other than check out this video and be prepared for some funny antics!

Click this link to download Alan Martin & Phil Hart's  "Carowinds Opening Day 2005" Video Contest Entry

Alan, Phil, and the Whootah gang head to Carowinds for opening day.  There's coasters, flyers and floating heads!
What is it about all the floating heads in this year's video contest?

Click this link to download Jonathan Hymes'  "Tripsdrill 2004" Video Contest Entry

Tripsdrill is a small, lesser known park in Germany with some very cool looking attractions.  Jonathan's video shows off
the park's star attraction "G'sengte Sau" and a lot more!

Click this link to download Brian Shinsec's  "Six Flags Marine World" Video Contest Entry

Ahh, Six Flags Marine World.  Coasters and fish!  What a great combo!  =)  The only thing that makes it better is a little
Ska music and some great coaster footage you'll find in this video.

Posted May 16th, 2005:

Click this link to download Nick Collins'  "Bumps & Bruises" Video Contest Entry

Nick brings us a video that highlights the 'dark side' of roller coasters...yes...those "rough" ones! 
This funny look at all those coasters that never seem to get mentioned...and for good reason!  =)

Click this link to download Steve Lee & Karen Lawson's  "Shut Up & Smile!" Video Contest Entry

Steve and Karen show us how to have a good time in Orlando.  Although Steve shows us that some things can be a
bit "bumpy."  =)  Watch out for that Beverly!!!

Click this link to download Lars & Cornelia Theissen's  "Phantasialand" Video Contest Entry

Lars and Cornelia take us to Phantasialand.  A beautiful park that we don't see too many videos of!
All the coasters and most of the dark rides are represented in this video.

Click this link to download Albert Lam's  "Disneyland Christmas 2004" Video Contest Entry

Ahh, Disneyland....the original, the classic, the one with the small castle!  =)
Albert's video shows off all the holiday attractions at the "Happiest Place On Earth."

Click this link to download Jarvis Morant 's  "Paramount's Carowind's Top Gun" Video Contest Entry

This video is all about Carowind's Top Gun!  Jarvis takes us on board for some POV action and gets about as many
off ride shots you can imagine!

Posted May 9th, 2005:

Click this link to download Guy T Koepp's  "It Came From The 4th Dimension" Video Contest Entry

Wow!  This is one hell of a bizarre video!  You got to see this one to believe it!  Inspired by "Ed Wood," Guy brings
us the first ever "Coaster/Horror/Comedy" video we've seen!  It's part Beetlejuice, part um....we're not too sure!  =)

Click this link to download Ted Cromwell's  Solace Weekend 2005 Video Contest Entry

Ted's video covers several parks during his Solace 2005 trip including Sea World San Diego, Belmont Park,
TONS of Knott's Berry Farm footage (being sarcastic here), and SFMM!  Check it out!

Click this link to download Greg Spalding's  UK Parks Video Contest Entry

Greg's video brings us to a few of England's best amusement parks including Blackpool Pleasure Beach,
Southport's Pleasureland, and Thorpe Park.  Some good footage of Nemesis Inferno, Steeplechase, Big Dipper, and more!

Click this link to download Tom Mueller's  Universal Orlando 2004 Video Contest Entry

Tom takes us to Islands of Adventure and Universal Orlando to check out all the rides and attractions!  Be sure to watch
the temperature on screen rise!

Click this link to download Paul Ruiz De Miquel's  Terra Mitica Video Contest Entry

Here's a video of a park in Spain we don't hear or see too much about!  It's very interesting as the park seems to be very
well themed and has several coasters including a full sized woodie and a Vekoma SLC!  =)

Posted May 2nd, 2005:

Click this link to download Kevin Gillan's  Orlando 2004 or "Floruba" Video Contest Entry

Kevin's video covers just about all the Orlando parks, but it's the bizarre intro that makes this video!

Click this link to download Bernhard Wimmer's  Marchenpark Video Contest Entry

This videos comes from Bernhard Wimmer, one of the video contest winners from 2004.  We had never heard of
Marchenpark before seeing this video, and you can tell by the antics that it's one of those parks you can have a great
time at with the right group of people!  =)

Click this link to download Alain Devester's  Toverland Video Contest Entry

Nobody had paid much attention to this small park in the Netherlands until they opened the first Vekoma "Booster Bike"
coaster last year.  Check out this coaster and more in this contest entry!

Click this link to download Thomas Owings'  "Texas Sucks" Video Contest Entry

Thomas Owings, another winner from last year, brings us a video from Texas...and apparently Texas Sucks!  =)

Click this link to download Andrew Hartman's  Wisconsin Dells Video Contest Entry

There are a lot of coasters in the Dells now and Andrew shows us some serious wood!  All the coasters including some still
under construction are all in this video along with the crazy antics you  may be familiar with from this group!

Posted April 25th, 2005:

Click this link to download Martyn Hoyer's  Alton Towers Lovely Rita Video Contest Entry

Martyn's video contains lots of footage of Alton Towers' latest thrill machine, Rita: Queen of Speed as well as all the parks
other roller coaster offerings: Nemesis, Oblivion, Spinball Whizzer, and MORE!

Click this link to download Jon LoCoco's  Cedar Point Video Contest Entry
Want to see all the roller coasters that Cedar Point has to offer?  Jon covers almost all of them including Top Thrill
Dragster, Millennium Force, Raptor, Gemini, Mean Streak, and MORE!

Click this link to download Nick Collins'  "Coaster Season 2004" Video Contest Entry
If you remember Nick from last year's contest, you'll know that his wacky group of friends know how to have fun at parks!
This compilation video includes: Thorpe Park, Six Flags Belgium, Lightwater Valley, Holiday Park, Alton Towers,
Efteling, Parc Asterix, Six Flags Holland, Tivoli Gardens, Mirabilandia, and lots more!

Click this link to download Barry Hom's  Miracle Strip Amusement Park Video Contest Entry
This park might now just be a memory, but Barry has captured it's spirit in this video.  Includes shots of all the rides
and has onride footage of the parks wooden roller coaster, Starliner.

Click this link to download Andreas Austgen's  "Warner Brothers Movie World 2004" Video Contest Entry
Andreas and some of the members of hang out for Halloween thrills at Warner Brothers Movie World
in Germany (Now called Movie Park Germany.)  Fun antics and lots of coasters to see here!

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