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Theme Park Review's

2nd Annual Coaster Video Contest!
NOTE!  Entry Deadline Extended To April 22nd!

Calling all amateur coaster video makers!

Wanna get your coaster/theme park video seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers?

Wanna show off your videography talent and editing to the rest of the world?

Then submit your coaster video entry to Theme Park Review's 2nd annual video contest!

Grand Prize winner will receive the full collection of all 11 Theme Park Review DVDs, a surprise gift hand picked by Robb & Elissa, a personalized certificate, and your video published on Theme Park Review for at least six months.

4 runners up will receive 2 DVDs of their choice and their video published on 
Theme Park Review for at least six months.

To submit an entry, read the rules below, then submit your video to us!  
In order to be eligible, videos MUST be submitted on either DV Tape, DVD, or data file. See Rule #3. 
Video Contest Entries MUST Be Postmarked By April 22nd, 2005.

Most Important! Keep in mind this contest is just for fun and a great way to get your coaster video seen by lots of people!
Please feel free to post or link to this information to any message boards or forums you feel might be interested in this contest!
Help us get the word out!  =)

1. Videos must have been filmed and edited within the past two years. You don't have to create a new video just for this contest. It just needs to be good!  =)
2. Videos must be between 2 and 5 minutes in length.
3. How to submit your entry:  We have to be able to watch your video on TV.  Therefore ALL entries MUST be submitted by mailing us your video on either DV tape in NTSC or PAL format, DVD (non-region encoded, using compression no less than 8kbit/sec), or submitting a high quality .avi file on data CD or DVD using the following output format: Microsoft DV AVI (or equivalent) compression at 720x480, 29.97fps for NTSC or 720x576, 25fps for PAL,  average data rate of about 3.6mb per second, 48Hz 16bit audio, 24bit pixel depth, and MUST be able to be imported into video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere to be output to DV tape.  
        The mailing address to send your entry is:
        Theme Park Review Video Contest
        24803 Magic Mountain Parkway #1920
        Valencia, CA 91355

NOTE: Video entries on DV tape is the preferred method of submission.

4. The winning videos will be compressed to an .mpg file by Theme Park Review for download with the same quality used for our current downloadable videos.  This is why we need the original high-quality version of your video on either DV tape, DVD, or high quality .avi file.
5. Videos can be from any park, from any country. The video does not even need to be in English...heck; we've seen some damn funny videos from our international friends!  =)
6. The Grand Prize winning video, in addition to the four "Runners Up" videos will be published on Theme Park Review available for download for a period of time lasting no shorter than Six Months; a link and credit will be given to each of the winners. 
7. All submitted  videos remain the copyright of the original submitter, however, Theme Park Review has the right to publish the videos on any format (online, email, VHS, DVD, etc), and if any video is distributed by any other means other than the internet, credit will be given to the original submitter and a website link published with the video if applicable, but no further compensation will be given other than:

The original pre-determined contest prize and
A complimentary copy of any additional format the video is released on (DVD, VHS, etc)

8. All video entries must postmarked by April 22nd, 2005
9. Grand Prize Winner will receive the entire collection of Theme Park Reviewís 11 DVDís
10. Four runners up will receive their choice of 2 DVDís from the Theme Park Review Library.
11. No more than three submissions will be allowed per person.
12. All entries MUST include the contestantís FULL NAME, mailing address, and email address. (No screen names or Handles).
13. The content of the video must be in good taste and suitable for an audience of 13 and older.  This means try to keep swearing to a minimum, no nudity, etc. A "PG-13" video is acceptable. (Basically if it's in our videos, it's ok for the contest)
14. All videos will be judged by the Theme Park Review Team.
15. Basically, we're just looking for some fun, theme park/water park/coaster videos and it doesn't have to be JUST about coasters, but should include some footage of coasters, but there is no minimum amount of coaster footage that needs to be included.  As long as the overall theme is about theme parks/coasters/water parks/etc. This contest is about fun and is a great way to get your video seen by a heck of a lot of people!
16. Theme Park Review Staff reserves the right to disqualify videos that do not meet rules stated above as well as any rules that must be created during or after the contest for reasons that may come up.
The top entries chosen by TPR will be available for download in May.  At that time we will open up the 'Viewers Choice' 
voting and allow all our readers to vote.  In June, both the 'Viewers Choice' winners and Theme Park Review's winners will be 
announced at the same time.

Tips to impress the Judges:
-          Needs to have an element of FUN! Show us how much fun it is to visit an amusement park!
Editing should be 'interesting'. If you choose to do a video that is JUST a coaster, make it interesting, not just a complete POV and that's it.
Try to show off unique aspects of a park. For example, if your video is about a certain park and they have a unique ride/show/attraction, focus on that!
Video does NOT have to be edited to music. It can contain narration, music, sound FX, raw audio, etc.

Please email with any additional questions. Thanks again!  We look forward to seeing your work!


The Theme Park Review Team!


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