Theme Park Review's Video Contest Ballot!
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Welcome to our second annual "Video Contest Viewers Choice" ballot! 
After viewing the videos on the contest entry page, located HERE, fill out the form below to vote for your favorites!  It's that easy! 

Please follow these simple rules:

1. You MUST submit a valid email address.  Only ONE vote per email and IP address.  Your IP address will be logged!
Any repeat ballots from the same email or IP address will NOT be counted.  

2. Vote for your favorite THREE (3) videos, and ONLY three.
Put a 1 in the box for your first and favorite choice, 2 for your second choice, and 3 for your third choice.
You MUST vote for three (3) videos. Ballots received with more than or less than 3 choices will not be counted.

3. For the best contest results, please watch ALL video entries then make your decision!

4. And most important, have fun watching all the videos!  =)

Voting for the 2005 contest has closed!  Please visit us again for next year's contest! 


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