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Martin's Fantasy Island
Grand Island, NY
Buffalo Area Parks Trip - 2003!
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Six Flags Darien Lake
   Seabreeze   Paramount's Canada's Wonderland    Martin's Fantasy Island
Marineland   Conneaut Lake Park   Waldameer Park   Buffalo County Fair

Even the station of the Silver Comet has that 'classic' look to it!

First drop into a ride full of fun!

Elissa makes the "OMG I'm riding with Dave" face!!!  =)

Give Elissa a gun?  Hmm.....yeah...bad idea...NEXT!  =)

Silver Comet comes screaming back into the can see the expressions on the faces!!!

Fat Phils...and ACEr's favorite!  =)

The real good food was at the Taco stand...

As Dave demonstrates with his huge Burrito/Taco thingy!

Robb has to make a tough decision if he wants to call off that wedding or not!

Most of the parks we visited on this trip seemed to be located on the water!  
It kept us cool the whole weekend!

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