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Blackpool, England
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Winter at Blackpool Pleasure Beach - 2007
An Infusion Construction Tour and Other Blackpool Off Season Randomness!

Since I happen to be over in the UK for my "day job" I decided to see if Blackpool wouldn't mind us stopping by to have a look at
the construction of their new coaster "Infusion" and check out some of the other park improvements going on this winter.

I only had to buy Lou an expensive dinner and some random British coins for her to join me on this adventure.

"I want to fly like Vladimir too!"

There used to be a Log Flume here...but that was the old get ready for INFUSION!!!
(and yes, we're told the IG DIPPER sign is getting fixed too!)

The one bit of track they have installed....the station!  Oooh....ahhh!

"Yes,'s a construction have to wear a hard hat.  You're getting a free meal out of this so shut up!"  =)

We took lots of photos for you "Cement Blocks with Spikey Things" enthusaists.

We are told that some nice water effects will be going on here.
I don't know about you, but I'm hoping for spraying water at people going 60MPH!  =)

I also have heard a rumor about a "tunnel" somewhere on the ride.  Now I wonder where they found that glass eye?  Hmm....

Damn, looks like those Arrow Fan Men came and stole a bit of Big One's track!!!

Here's what's left of the Log Flume's station.

New for 2007!!!!!  BRAND NEW RAILINGS!!!!  YAY!!!!

Here's where they had to remove part of Big Dipper.  You can see they are putting it all back together now,
so no more nasty rumors about Big Dipper being removed!!!

Infusion is going to be pretty cool looking sandwiched in between Pepsi Max and Big Dipper.

Jahan!  Give back that piece of track!!!!!

This is where the first drop will eventually go.

One of us looks better in the hard hat.  If you know which one....EMAIL DAN!

And now every coaster enthusiasts wet dream....a parking lot full of Vekoma track!!!

"I heart Vekoma track!"

"Please insert any dirty caption about this support looking like a crotch here."
(heh...he said insert!)  =)

In order for these track pieces to grow up and become Infusion they need to eat LOTS of Pylons and wood blocks.,'s a land of track parts. 

Track part enthusiasts must be going crazy looking at all these photos!

"Insert chain here."
(he said insert again!)


I feel almost dirty taking pictures of the underside of track.

This is known as the "spine adjuster" piece.

Hmm...what could be in those green containers?  It's something VERY important!
If you think you know EMAIL DAN!

Living proof that even the smartest people get dumber when they hang out with Robb!

OMG!  OMG!! OMG!!!!  Yes!!!  It's STAIRS!!!!!!

And....oh...for all you lift hill enthusiasts.....

This must be like watching an adult film!  =)

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