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Stoke-On-Trent, England
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Random Trip To The UK - April 2006
Guess what?  We're back in the UK again!  So why not a quick trip over to Alton Towers?  Sure!  Why not!

For all the monorail fanatics out there, you gotta take one to get to the park!

Tom silly?  But of course!  "This is nothing like the Walt Disney World monorails!!!"

No, it's not some lake in the middle of England, this actually IS Alton Towers!
If you look really, REALLY close you can see Rita!  I swear it's in this picture!

Here are the "towers" part of "Alton Towers."  We hear they are haunted with Vekoma madness!!!

New for this year was the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" ride. 
Not based on any movie, they took their inspiration from the book.

You watch some wacky pre-show on these TV screens.

The "Oompa Loompas" look more like something out of the Flintstones.

The mom of the little fat boy that get stuck in the tube.  No, no...that's not Robb's mom!!!!

ACE convention meets dark ride!  =)

And there is Mr. Wonka himself!  Overall, the ride was not as good as the previous "Toyland Tours" that the ride replaced.

OMG!  That's right!  Alton Towers got an Intamin rocket coaster last year!

"I fit!  I fit!!!!"

Rita is like the "family ride" of Intamin rocket coasters.

Got some nice curvy bits.

This turn is kind of like Good Goliath at Walibi World.

More curves make people happy.

The launch is kind of like Storm Runner or California Screamin.

Bottom track red, top track green.

Alton Towers had to paint the top tracks green so the ride doesn't show past the tree line.

Yes, more curves because that's all Rita does!

Chinese Tom says "Rita's sexy curves get me all hot and bothered....where's Lou?"

Meh to Rita!  The rodent ride is where it's all at!

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