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Tokyo Disneyland
1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-8511 Japan
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TPR's Japan 2009 Trip

Ahh, happy ending. (que happiness pie music)

Hey! One more little dude pops out!

The other ride vehicles.

Roz giving us attitude.

And this is the little guy you're supposed to find...we think!

In less then 15 minutes of the park opening, the line was already up to two hours!

The Fast Pass line gets so long that they actually need a cast member with a sign to tell people where the line ends.

Just one hour after park opening and FastPasses were nearly sold out!

rTurtle Talk is coming soon to DisneySea.

Wow! Like REAL soon! It soft opened today! The show itself is exactly the same (except in Japanese of course), but what was amazing is that they actually gave it a fairly detailed "back story." In this version the premise is (since it's inside the giant ship) that the people who created the Columbia ship have developed a special porthole that looks into the ocean. There are newsclippings on the queue walls and more backstory about how they invented the hyrophone and how it ties into the ship, etc, etc...

Here some of the pictures they fabricated for the queue.

Turtle Talk "mock" construction update!

You don't often get days like this at Tokyo Disney where the wait times are only 25 min!

My fourth favorite flavor behind black pepper, curry, strawberry, honey...wait that's five! Oh hell, I like them all!

The Indy queue at Tokyo DisneySea is amazing.

Attention to freakin' DETAIL!!!

The best part about Tokyo's Indy... "I'm Paco."

Jock Strap or Naan Bread... You decide!

Ewwww... You just ate a jock strap!

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