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Tokyo Disneyland
1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-8511 Japan
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TPR's Japan 2009 Trip

If I wasn't such an Epcot fanboy this would EASILY be the best theme park in the world! (And realistically, it probably is!)

One more ride on Journey before we end our visit to Tokyo Disney.

Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus!!!

You can even by a miniature Journey ride vehicle!

Did we mention how amazing this part of the park looks?



The floppy Gyoza buns are probably the most popular food item on the resort.

This is actually a "short" line for the floppy Gyoza.

This awesome Sea Salt ice cream comes served in 1/2 of Ariel's Bra.

For those of you with kids, the restrooms come equiped with these "child seats" so they can watch you while you poo.

All the toilets also have a "kids seat" on it. Why can't more American parks have stuff like this?

And there is even a shelf (in addition to a hook) for you to put your stuff on while you do your buisness!(Yes, I realize this was the "toilet update" but sometimes it's just the little things about this park that make it awesome!)

This makes Elissa horny.

Swing KidTums! SWING!!! (PS. you can buy those Mickey train handles in the shops!)

We found this awesome item in our hotel shop. "What flavor is it? It's DAMN HOT, that's what!"

A double decker carousel in most other parks would be a really big deal, but at DisneySea, meh, it's a minor attraction.

Camel Toe versus Green Genie...FIGHT!

Scuttle's Scooters is a WIN with KidTums!

It's pretty much "normal" popcorn, but it's still amazing!

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